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Quick Thanks

Just a quick thanks as we approach the Summer of 2002. I joined the community back last summer and throughout this “rookie” year…the regulars have challenged me intellectually in terms of the biophysics and endocrinology of bb’ing. Not to mention proper training tactics to achieve this. For me, I need to be challenged and pushed, and I think we all do this to each other on this forum…we don’t just preach horseshit, but we theorize, we are creative, we try to logically dicuss training/diet/physioendocrinological ways to achieve muscle gain with fat loss etc. etc. This is what its all about. Being creative but logical. Hell, if I could only find someone in my particular field of study that was this passionate, perhaps I might be further along intellectually there too. To all the T-Playaz: A big thanks and wishes for a tweeked out summer of 2002.
PS: Maslow’s heirarchy of needs is so true: How many people on this forum have felt near to the top when they are in peak physical condition, they feel as if intellectually they are understanding, and relationships are progressing well–you are never there, but when one is in optimum condition (or at least feels it) and is challenged intellectually as is the case here, its a good feeling.

One last thing: We need to get more T-Vixens like Patsy up in hea==thats the kind of woman I am looking for!!

Oh, Vain ~fluttering eyelashes~~ you flatter me…:slight_smile:

Actually, the forum has been a welcome addition to my life. I think I rec'v much more back than I am able to contribute. So much "stuff" on this here board. T-Mag in a whole.

The one big thing this forum proves is that we are all indeed individuals and as thus, need to keep that in mind in our training and nutritional needs. But that just makes things all the more interesting.

Hmm, optimum condition, relationship progressing nicely, being intellectually challenged....would be nice if everything in that check list was "in-sync". I'm in a state of re-evaluation. Seein' if everything is "worth it". I usually get into this state as I commit myself to a contest. Got so many other things in progress - want to make sure now that every goal I set I acheive. You know, if you desire quality in your training/nutrition - you should have it in all facets of your life. I'm at a age where that should be #1. Quality.

Ooops, ramblin', sorry. Still at work, 12-hour days are not good for the brain. But I think there are alot of other chicks out there who like this stuff, are driven by this stuff as much as I. Don't know where they are right now, probably out having a beer. Which I should be doing right about now. Damn.

There are other chicks out there, but this ones mine. Sorry guys.