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Quick, Test E Question.


Just a quick question here guys, was talking with a friend of mine and he bought up a good question, I couldn't answer him on it to much, but thought I would get your words on it.

Ok the question is.

on a cycle for a first timer of Test Enanth @ 500mg week for 10 weeks.

What are the chances of this causing something like cancer?
as my friend stated what if someone has dormant cancer cells and the Test E aggrivates it?
Or would the test not be run long enough to do this?

He asked about a safer cycle and asked about running Deca with primo. I cant answer this as I have not done it.

What would anyone with the background of using, suggest dose wise?

And side effect wise.

I still think Test E is fine. but anyway guys thanks from me, and also my friend, I know we will debate on this once again when someone answers lol.

Cheers T-Nation people.


If I was your friend I wouldn't be playing with AAS when I have dormant cancer cells present in my body. I would be taking that condition a lot more serious. He needs to talk to a doc, I would want info from a professional source.


No sorry T-Mia you must of read it wrong champ.
He does not have dormant cells. He was asking what if, as a general question.

I'm at a bit of a loss to his question myself, because how would you even know if you did have dormant cells.

Maybe you can give some more input champ.

Once again he does not have dormant cells. He was just saying a what if.
We always have debate/talks on subjects of fitness and bodybuilding, but this one I'm looking forward to peoples replys.



I've never been under the impression that testosterone caused cancer. If it did I would assume that we'd be seeing higher cases on cancer in teenagers/young adults as their levels can often reach supraphysiological levels, of course by the nature of that word it is contradictory, but is true according to the reference ranges.

But we do not see more cancer in this age group, but maybe it's because they have stronger immune systems to fight off the cancerous cells and carcigens?.......

Did he have cancer and it is now in dormancy????? Everyone has thousands of carcigens and dorminant cancer cells that the body is constantly fighting off. I assume this is a theory question.

I would assume as far as safer into cellular sides, again a play on words, I would go with the NATURAL TESTEROSTERONE. Deca and or Primo are alterations and not natural by any means, they might make a great addition though....... But again, did he have cancer????

I don't think that I would ever really personally recommend anything to someone getting over cancer that is now into dormancy, but again assuming we are talking about theory here:

I'd say that Test at 500mg/week with 1/4gm or Arimidex a day would be ideal for someone for health and gains. The PCT drugs would be something I would worry about more and again talking theory and safety; I would recommend using a test taper and avoid using more drugs than needed for a realitivly safe cycle.

The only reason I could see to not taper is if someone was wanting to get off, recover as soon as possible and get back on as soon as possible - but for the once or so cycle per year crowd, whether 10 weeks or 40 I would taper for a healthier experience.


Not to try to poke at you, but how old are you and your friend?


Ok people my fellow T-Nation friends, My friend has never had cancer. lol, It was just a question that came up and I was like 'Oh thats a good question', so posted it on here.

To answer Time2jet's question.
I'm 24 years old and my friend is 29.
No I have not done a AAS cycle, although I have been working out and reading and learning on health and fitness since I was 15, I'm some what of a geek for this lol.
But I still have alot to learn hence the reason I post this question.

You can never learn enough when it comes to this I dont think.

Thanks guys, I'm really enjoying the feed back.


Like I mentioned above, there has been some debate as to whether GH could potentially "wake up" dormant cancer cells. This might be your friend's confusion.

Peace brother.



The only time I ever heard of AAS causing cancer was Lyle Alzado, and he claimed that against the advice of his doctors who said it was impossible.

There are no studies that show steroids are carcinogenic. Unlike cigarettes, steroids never had a cancer warning label.


Although it is very likely that there is nothing to this, or it is misinterpreted if there is something to it, but Anadrol can't seem to escape that liver cancer myth.

If memory serves me, whey protein actually speeds up the cell growth of cancer cells because of it's extremely high bioavailability. This speaks more to the quality of whey itself though, as it is not carcinogenic that I know of.


Hey guys,

thanks for the input Im really loving this info.
Plus it gives me more info for when I do end up doing my own cycle if I decide on doing one, Im just going to go with the test e @ 500mg for 10 weeks.
Still reading up on what would be the best PCT though input on this would be highly welcome from you guys.

But back to the main post, I pt Lyle Alzado in google, found him but not a whole lot on his steroid info etc.
I presume you guys have done one or many cycles before do you have any info or stats on yourself medically? E.g maor or minor side affects.

Once again great info Im loving it, gives me more to read about.

Cheers guys!


An interesting perspective comes from the knowledge that most cells are growth inhibited and they need the stimulus/permission of hormones to grow. Cancers can be described as growth caused by growth that is no longer requiring stimulus/permission of hormones. So many fast growing cancers are growing at 100% capacity and hormones will not change that.

Young men have high testosterone and GH levels and cancer is rare. Old men have low levels of testosterone and GH while having lots of cancers. Men with higher amounts of E have more prostate enlargement and cancers. E is worse than T for the prostate.


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Stoned ramble or not, that was a good post.

And to the OP, it seems pretty clear that your buddy is mixing up GH and AAS.


Wow great info Bushy!
thanks for that was a great read.

I'm quoting my frined there with the "dormant" wording.

Well after Bushy's stoned rant, I just learnt alot more, that I did not know!
Anyone got any links to useful info like this?