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Quick T-DAWG Diet Q



After the initial drop of 500 cals how often do you cut cals after that? Is it once you stop losing wieght on the current number of cals you're consuming and do you always cut it by 500?


The authors, ( Chris Shugart and TC ) would have to answer this personally, but here's my take on it.

I'd interpret this as start with lbs x 15. Then drop 500 calories from your initial calculation of lbs x 15, and stick with that. Unless you're not losing about 1 lb per week. Unless you were massively overweight to start with, dropping another 500 calories would be way too much.

I would deduce from the article that you'd just adjust the calories after that, according to your results.

I started the T-Dawg diet after New Year's and IMO it kicks ass. I'm not after a huge weight loss, and just wanted to start seeing some results. I grabbed the basics from the food choices, and eat from those choices every day. I still cheat at DQ on Sundays, ( a medium choclately Blizzard every Sunday, whether I need it or not ), and I may be losing weight so fast that I have to ramp up the calories, and / or carbs.

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Thanks for the info.


I am also doing the T-Dawg diet at the moment.

I am not sure if the way that I have been doing it is the way it was intended but I thought that I would share the concept of what I am doing.

If you calculated your intake by using the lbs x 15 to work out maintenance calories and then deducted 500 calories in the first week, I would do this again in the second week, based on your new weight at the start of the second week (or however often you intend to weigh yourself).

This should ensure that you are always eating 500 calories less than maintenance so getting the desired weight loss.

I hope this helps.


I agree with this in principal, but you're only looking at 15 calories per pound, I think. So approximately 100 calories for every 7 pounds. Adjusting it weekly ( if you're losing 1 lb / wk ) could be difficult.

Also, after restricting calories for a bit, I'd be uncomfortable reducing them further. But realistically, that's what you should do.

If you're losing fairly major pounds, and plan to stay on the T-Dawg for any length of time, then I'd agree, you should adjust your intake somewhat.

But remember this statement, direct from the T-Dawg Diet article.


Modify as needed based on your progress or lack thereof.


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