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Quick T Blood Test Question


Hello everyone. I have my blood test with my new endo tomorrow, then the next one three days later. I just realized that I'm drinking alcohol tonight. Will it still be okay if its 8 hours before hand, like carbs and stuff?

It's my birthday so we are celebrating but I completely forgot to not schedule it tomorrow and I can't cancel because I'll have to pay $150.

Would they be able to notice the alcohol in my system in the blood work.
I don't have my notebook with me that listed the tests they will do on me. But from what I remember, it said something like "Complete androgen panel" or something similar to that. I also noticed the following right from the start...


I know there are a lot more, I just can't remember. I think there were some thyroid tests as well, also blood work relating to the pituatary glad. I'll be sure to get a compete copy of it tomorrow to post on here because this is the first time I've had anything tested besides just my testosterone (anything related to it).

So in this care, will the beer and some carbohydrates screw up my results even if I fast even if I have such a low T already? Or would it not be noticed anyway? Or should I play it safe and not eat/drink?

Also, I forgot to mention that this blood test, the endo said, determines if I get injections or not. So I don't know what they are exactly looking for here that they didn't notice before?



They’ll defiantly see the alcohol. The night before may have an impact on your levels. Read up how alcohol effects many of this hormones short term. Probably would be a good idea to have a blood test a bit later, but you can’t help that now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Need at the very least
-LH and FSH
-cortisol (earliest time possible 8am)