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Quick Strength Cycle


I just fininshed a short, six week cycle of Sustanon(750mg), Proviron(50mg.) and Dianabol(40mg), followed by hcg and more Proviron. The intention of that cycle was to boost my strength without getting too bloated or crashing too hard at the end.
A week after that cycle was over I found out there's a bench press contest that I want to participate in, so right in the middle of my post-cycle therapy of hcg and Proviron, I hopped right back on more Sustanon, but this time with Anadrol instead of Dianabol. The contest will be held 3 weeks after I started this new cycle. I'm taking 1000mg a week of the Sust. and 100mg. a week of the Anadrol.
Do you guys think that in three weeks time I'll notice any type of strength gains from this cycle? I'm 235lbs and have been taking 'roids for about 6 years now. to me, this cycle seems adequate to at least put on some strength. Since I usually begin to respond to sauce after 2 weeks or so, I'm hoping my strength increases will begin about a week or so before this contest.


You'll definitely get results in that time from the A-Drol as long as you ramped it up to 100mg ED and not 100 mg EW.


I meant 100mg a day of A-drol. Sorry for the typo.


Tren at 75 - 100mg ED....you will notice strength increases within a week. Tren is a better strength drug than A-drol. Anadrol kills many users' appetites as well.


I was thinking about using tren, but the last time I used it it made me very depressed and lethargic.


Whose Tren did you use. That does not sound right.


I'm confused a little.

unless i am misreading your post, you were on sust for 6 weeks and followed up with HCG and proviron for 1 week? before jumping back on? if that is correct, you never came off, as the sust would still be at appreciable levels for about 4 weeks after your last inject....at least levels high enough to continue with gains.....and suppress endogenous T.....so you were never off.

you said you were "in the middle" of your PCT when you went back on....how long did you wait after your last sust shot before starting your PCT?

need some clarification.