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Quick - Squat Plateaued


So, long and short is my squat is plateaued at the 230-ish mark, and I can’t figure out why. I’ll try and snap some vids Friday to post in case form is the culprit, but I’m A2G every rep and feel like I’ve been adequately coached at my affiliate to know if something was amiss. I’m sure also a calf/overcompensation injury sustained from a month+ in a boot could also be to blame, but I digress.

Just to get all my bases covered I figure I’d post my regular diet too just to be safe, so here it is.

Breakfast: 3 eggs (fried or scrambled), cheese. Apple, 16 oz whole milk (Lactaid), 1 serving raw almonds (~24 according to the package)

Lunch: Spinach salad with chicken, ~1 tablespoon olive oil/vinegar for dressing

Pre-WO: 12 oz Muscle Milk RTD
Post-WO: 16 oz whole milk, 2 scoops Muscle Milk, 1 scoop Leucine & Creatine, 1 Clif Builder’s protein bar

Dinner: some form of meat (roast, chicken, steak) 4-8 oz, spinach salad with oil/vinegar

Pre-bed: 2 tablespoons all-natural PB, Post-WO drink but without the creatine

I supplement with Fish Oil and Vitamin D, and take my Multi like a good boy. Portion sizes were my best estimate, I don’t have a scale or anything to measure it. I’m trying to keep my diet somewhat clean since I’m training for football. I’ve been doing our summer training program so it’s not like I can deviate from it and do SS, CFFB, or the S&CP. We lift for about an hour, do a short plyometric session (4 exercises max), then condition MW, T/Th we speed and agility work, Friday we just lift and do the short plyo session (no conditioning)

here ya go

Not to put too fine a point on it, but you weigh 160 and eat less food in a day than my little sister.

To give a somewhat more helpful response, I would try adding another meal into your day, probably between your PWO shake and dinner that looks similar to your first meal. Or just have a meal with your PWO shake if you can. The only other thing I would change would to be changing out the breakfast milk for more eggs, as you don’t really need the simple sugars at that point.

If you’re training that much, why are you scared of eating carbs (besides milk)?

How often do you squat?

You’re getting ready for football season and weigh 160? Do you play on a middle school team? Just to try to help, I’d suggest eating more even if it’s not clean so you don’t get your head stomped in the ground.

Regarding the question, gain more weight is the simplest answer. Eat more. I was stubborn and tried to keep my weight around 165 and stalled badly on my squats. A quick, yet still not fat 12 lbs heavier, they’ve gone up a good 50 lbs. If you want that squat to go up quicker, you’re gonna have to eat more(much more, especially with your amount of training you’re claiming to be doing) and in turn be gaining some more weight. C’mon you’re a football player not a ballerina.