Quick Solutions for Elevated E2 from Weight Gain?

Happy New Year guys

I’ve had elevated E2 for a while this past year most likely due to putting some pounds on after a nasty breakup and excessive drinking.

I’ve cleaned out the drinking problem (60 days!) and have been getting back to a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately being on an AD known for sending appetite soaring, it’s been unusually hard for me to lose weight. I’ve always been very lean, so being about 190 vs my former 160 has not only raised my E2 and caused sexual and emotional problems, but also made it much harder to carry that weight when exercising. So it’s been a double whammy. Not to mention the loss of motivation to fix the problem that I’ve found comes with low energy and ability at the gym.

I’m not expecting to fix weight gain with a pill, or throw a pill at it as an easy permanent fix. But curious if an AI or something for 3-6 months would help me get my weight and hormones back to normal. Akin to how my urologist once prescribed 2 months of Cialis after a stretch of mechanical failures just to regain confidence in my dick working. Just like that, it’s sort of a catch 22 losing erections, not losing weight, and having much less fitness endurance.

I was given metformin when I started the AD to help maintain a healthy weight, but it seemed to cause some mood swing issues. Might’ve been coincidence so could try that again. My endo has expressed her interest in helping me avoid AD induced unhealthy weight gain, and said there are other options besides metformin, but I went the natural way instead. But didn’t plan on a pandemic keeping me inside, and resorting to poor health habits after that breakup.

Anything I could look into to help get me back on track a little quicker so I feel I am capable of managing my weight (like I have all my life until now)? Again I know there’s no easy street to fixing E2 and weight gain but a little push start would go a long way. Thanks guys.

How tall are you? I’m sure 30lbs of unsavory weight on a normal 160lb body feels excessive but doesn’t sound like you’re obese. I doubt the E2 aspect of your additional weight is truly an issue. Labs?

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About 5’10”. So it doesn’t look terrible but man does that feel like I’m carrying weights on my back.

I’m not by my computer right now but last bloodwork TT was about 750, FT 35, and E2 pushing over 60. I’ve never had an E2 above 30-40 except when my TT was “1500+” and I was on some 200mg.