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Quick Solution for Health Care


1) Legalize pot. Uses the taxes for low income health clinics for low income legal US citizens.
2) Tax fatty food chains and junk food. Also use to proceeds for the low income health clinics.
3) Kick out the illegals. They are a major drain on the health care system.
4) Cut back the amount of money that ambulance chasers can claim for personal suffering. Some of these people are just bottom feeders and scam artists who milk the system.


(1) and (2) are great ideas, since the people that will buy the most pot and fast food--and hence pay most of the tax--are also the same people who will need to use the low income health clinics. This way the same source of funding that keeps the low income clinics going will keep low income people going to them.

I think anyone who thinks there's any "quick" solutions to our health care problems needs to go to another type of clinic...


Better suggestion to fix health care: legalize freedom.


I'm really not sure about the legalizing pot bit. I really don't care if people smoke it. In the lon run I think people would start growing their own. With more people growing it themselves you really won't get to much revenue from taxes.

I don't think taxing fatty foods is right.Its your body, you should not have to suffer higher taxes for doing with it want you want. However you SHOULD have to suffer the consiquences of your actions and not get any government bailouts because your own stupidity.

Your other 2 ideas I agree with.


I would vote for that


While I don't necessarily agree with number 2 if it was part of a bill that included the other 3 things I would vote for it.


1) Why not.

2) Never, ever. Enough of this subsidizing and penalizing shit. Basically a regressive tax like on smoking. Why do you hate poor people?

3) Would terribly backfire. Someone needs to do the jobs they are doing at the price they are doing it.

4) Simply change to the system the rest of the world has. Make the loser of a case pay for it, opponents lawyer, the costs of the court, everything. That should cut down costs immediately.


4) Exactly! that way people who make ridiculous claims would be at risk too.


Your son is born with a disease not covered by your insurance, good thing you have the freedom to spend 3 million $ on any healthcare you want.

Seems you currently have the freedom to be an ass :slight_smile:
Dont worry, you can still be one after the health reform as well.


I would vote for all 4, I think it would be good to also add eliminating prejudices against pre-existing conditions.


Seems like you just take the freedom to rob other people for whatever you deem to be a good cause.

Trust me, your way of being an ass is infinitely worse than his.


  1. Fine; however, where is the line. Do you legalize heroin as well and just say, "whatever let people do what they want."

  2. As soon as you start taxing fatty foods you open the door to tax everything else. Next thing you know protein powered will be taxed because some bureaucrat says it causes _____ insert disease/condition.

  3. You can't just kick out the illegals they do a lot of the shit jobs no one wants to do. Instead you fast track them to citizenship and tax them like everyone else. Force them to pay taxes and they will either leave or stay and pay their share of taxes.

  4. You can't just arbitrarily limit how much someone injured in an accident can sue for. Some injuries are worse then others and cause more damage/time needed to recover, which mean the injured party will need more money to cover them until they are back on their feet. Are frivolous law suits out of control? Hell ya, but that is a different subject.


Your argument for #3 is wrong, esepcially in a recession. Many companies have replaced illegal workers with citizens with nearly no drop off in efficiency. People did those jobs before the illegal immigration became a problem.


I made the conscious decision to have a child, therefore I need to bear the responsibility of raising and providing for that child whether it be food, $3 million health care, shelter, clothes, etc.

The decision maker needs to bear the responsibility of his actions(choosing to have a child and the risks associated with it), not the American taxpayer.


I have an even quicker solution.

  1. Deregulate the entire insurance industry.
  2. Exempt any and all health related issues from taxes.
  3. 500k cap on any lawsuit, regardless.

Insurance would immediately be less than half of what it is now.


Just because you don't agree with me doesn't mean I'm wrong. What will happen when the recession ends and the housing market blossom's again? I would agree with you except that many people would rather take a check from the government over landscaping for 8+ hours a day. Many Americans, and yes I am generalizing, wont do certain work because it is "below them". This is the type of job the illegals will always do in America. If you legalize them you are minimizing the negative effect the illegals have on the economy by forcing them to pay taxes.


All good ideas and better then the ones currently proposed by the administration.


What kind of tax income do you expect to receive from those making $8/hr?


I would say it's better than nothing, but the reality is that it's not better than nothing. Most of them would actually get refunds for more than they paid in during the year due to refundable tax credits (earned income credit and the like), resulting in a net loss to the government.


1 I would go with

2 I would be concerned that this would be badly applied. Not all fat is bad, fat is needed for a healthy diet.

3 How the fuck would you do this? How would you find them all, how would you send them back, how would you stop them returning, how much would it all cost?

4 Orion's answer is better.