Quick Smolov Question - Tempo?

In the program it says (since I’m starting the base cycle). “Put up your weights at a slow or moderate tempo, dynamic efforts do not belong in this phase.”. How are we supposed to do this…on the days where it’s 10 sets of 3 reps at 85%, and in week 2 and 3 you add 20 pounds and 30 pounds to the bar. I can’t see how anyone could lift it at a slow tempo. It’d have to be as hard as you can correct? I’m a little confused on this, if anyone could help me?

Just lift the weights. You can’t really do dynamic effort training with 85% max. When they say to avoid dynamic efforts they could be referring to the eccentric phase, in which case they probably just mean to control the eccentric.

Thanks man, that definately answers my question and I was roughly thinkin the same thing. This thread is now over lol.