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Quick Shake Question


I'm working on gaining weight and I was wondering(since I don't have any protein powder or anything at the moment)...if this would be an okay shake in the morning.

.50 liter milk
1 banana
2-3 teaspoons of peanut butter
1 packet oatmeal

Anyway, yeah...would this be alright for now?


You could try dumping some pasteurized egg whites into the mix to up the protein content. Otherwise, looks good.


Ah, alright. Thanks. I'm still working on making my body use to eating a lot...so I have to drink some of the food instead of eating it(otherwise it won't get done).


The only thing that jumps out at me is that it's high in both fat and carbs. This might conflict with your goals for a few reasons.

John Berardi's Massive Eating and Don't Diet protocols suggest not mixing protein, fat, and carbs all at once for various physiological reasons. I'm no scientist, but if I understand it correctly it has to do with the signals your body gets sent regarding the storage of fat after eating certain things.

If you want a solid nutrition plan, I'd suggest looking at the articles in the 'Diet Programs' section of the site and picking one that's in line with what you're trying to do with yourself. Gain mass? Lose fat?


Alright, will do. Looks like I have a lot more reading to do. :slight_smile:


That's obvious.

How do you not have any protein powder? If you can afford the groceries listed above, you can afford some Grow! or Metabolic Drive. Really though, just eat some meat if you need protein. Why do you "have" to drink it? Sounds like a pussy excuse for not giving this 100%.


My opinion in all honesty...

This guy is trying to gain weight; he is teaching himself to eat large amounts of food.

Who gives a flying F if he consumes carbs and fats at the same meal. I do agree with Lowery and Berardi and I think it is a good idea, BUT when I was first starting out every piece of food I so much as glanced at was put into my trap.

Again, I agree with Berardi and Lowery's principles most of the time, but sometimes I think they are taken to extremes, just let the kid eat so he can grow.

Start worrying about meal groupings more if excessive fat is being put on, until then, just eat, ALOT


Unless hes drinking full fat milk, this is definantly not alot of fat involved.