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Quick Sculpting Question

Hey guys, I am currently working on getting the rest of my 6 pack defined. I am dieting and working out… Bla bla… I am just looking for input on what supplements will help me best with getting the more defined look to them… I am currently at 9% BF and taking 4 HOT-ROX daily… Would anything help to complement the HOT-ROX, or should I just stick to those as my supplement?

HOT-ROX is the best I’ve found for fatloss. Having a sixpack is all about leaness so your on the right track.

I think leanness is the way to go, but don’t think you can’t put any mass on your stomach. Personally my abs looked pretty good (not sure of BF, under 10%) before I started lifting, but with hanging pikes and heavy decline sit-ups, and side-bends/saxon side-bends, they definitely are improving. The saxon side-bends are really important IMO…most people don’t have very defined obliques, and it’s MUCH more impressive looking if you have strong obliques and low BF.