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Quick Routine Critique

Its been going on 2-3 years since I’ve been in the gym and the effects are starting to show. Not only have I missed it but every morning I look in the mirror and think “damn…what happened?”

Well thats changing starting now…especially since i live alone now. What follows is a 6-8 week “ramp up” plan (not sure how long I’ll make it last) before I switch to a “5x5” sort of push pull program. Actually I’m not sure what I’m going to switch to…thought about Fast and Frequent.

In either case I plan on doing these exercises every other day starting either today or Wednesday. Each day will be followed with a progressively cardio session until I’m up to 30 minutes after weights (5 minutes for 3 workouts, then 10 for the next 3, then 15, etc).

The exercises I plan on doing are:

Front squat (easier on my back I find and good for my left VMO)
Good Mornings/Seated Good Mornings (Lower back and Posterior chain work)
Standing Military Press
Lat Pulldown
Hamstring Curl (get the other articulation for the hamstring, Posterior Chain)
Bicep Barbell Curls (I’m vain)
Tricep Dumbell Extentions (these were a weak point in my bench before I think)
Calf Raises mixed inbetween Biceps (vain again…used to have great calves from sprinting in highschool and college)
Dorsiflexion mixed in with Triceps (balance the calves)

All 3x10 starting at low weight and moving up. For example FS I think I’m gonna start at 85 and add 5# per workout. Still up in the air. Definitely not a huge weight to move but my muscles, tendons, and ligaments haven’t done anything athletic for a sustained period for a long time so I’m not gonna risk injury.

I’m still working on my diet but money is tight.

Any thoughts.