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quick rep scheme Q.

When authors like Poliquin advise rep schemes such as 10, 12, 15, 20 on a particular exersice, what are the respective loading peramaters(spelling)? Same weight, taking advantage of the fact that you are stronger on earlier sets, and possibly a backdown set? Or is it a pyramid with increasing weights, and possibly anothe rbackoff set as well? thanks… -justin


The only thing that rings a bell with me is the 20-rep breathing squats. Basically you start with your 8-10 rep weight. At the top of each squat you would stop and breathe in and out. 20 squats later, you are hopefully still alive and kickin’. I believe you only do one set.

The higher the reps the faster the bar should move. The reps dictate the weight. Keep good form and keep in mind that your first rep should look as good as your last.

Jack Ass

reps dictate weight as in the heigher rep sets are ligher and visa-versa?