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I need some guidance on how you guys have broken down body parts (if you have at all) in to days that you train. I've read a lot of articles, one which i read yesterday which talked about why should we group together "back and chest", "biceps and triceps" in the first place, to what extent do we go with this grouping as well?

It got me thinking what is the best method because inveitably you will end up grouping body parts. I also read that it can be a bad idea training two different parts of the body such as legs/chest because it puts the body under a lot of stress due to the size of the muscles being trained, leading to slower repair ( i may have got this all wrong it was a long time ago i read this). I currently train:

Sundays - Legs
Tuesdays - Shoulders
Wednesdays - Biceps/Triceps
Fridays - Chest/Back
Saturdays - Abs.. although after reading some articles certain people beleive ab work is verging on pointless.

One of the things im feeling is that i want to train body parts twice a week. The current week gap between training these parts just feels too long.Im incorporating more compound exercises to try and resolve this and im training hard. I go for 7 reps 5 sets at the moment at 80% of my 1 RM. Should i go as far as training 7 days a week?

But i seem to feel fresh really quickly (i.e next day i dont feel a thing). Any suggestions?

Oh and i expect the inevitable flaming about getting on a proper programme but i wanted to give it all a try for myself so when i go on to one ill have a better understanding of why they have been structured like that. Remember be kind, i have posted this in beginners. It just seems the more articles i read the more it makes me question what im doing to the point that im just confused.


Which article did you read that said that? The general consensus is in favor of frequent training. Along the lines of training the whole body up to 4 times each week. I suggest reading through this article by Chad Waterbury to get a better idea why:

Training as you laid out, with an "arm day" and a "shoulder" day, etc isn't necessarily "bad" or "wrong". But there are some more effective options available (namely, using frequent full body sessions, or at least, an "upper body" day and a "lower body" day).


Probably depends on your goals (which you haven't stated). Full body workouts usually cover just about everything. Can't beat 'em.



I dunno. I really have a hard time believing that your training at that intensity for that many reps and your not feeling sore the next day. Roughly how many sets are you doing overall per body part?


Update, got everything sorted ive upped all my weights and i can officialy say im sore as hell. I think as stupid as it sounds i hadnt calculated the percentages of my RM right. Just got back from a skin fold test came out with 55.9mm from 8 sites. Anyone know how i would convert this to BF%? ive been told the formulas can be pretty unaccurate.