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Quick Question...


I know I'm an idiot, but anyway...

I'm just curious, say you did a quick cycle of something not too strong, just tabs of some sort, nothing too complex...

I'm guessing you could probably put on some decent muscle in that time, but then when you stop taking whatever, will you really lose everything you gained? Or will you have a really hard time making gains again without using something again?


No need to bash me about how I need to do research or anything like that...I'm just curious from someone who may have experience with that particular question.



You ask advice from these men and then tell em how you want them to answer you? Good luck tinkle boy.



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i think the biggest reason you are getting bashed is your complete lack of specifics. namely, what drug, for how long, what is "decent" muscle, in the absence of post cycle drug therapy or would you use something... these are the biggest things you neglect to mention and all of them would have a huge impact on the answers you would get.

also, (this is just a personal pet peeve) why the self debasement? not just you, but in general, people seem to break themselves in to a beating they know they are going to recieve on the forums... and in real life too.


If you take something like pills? Fist let me make it clear that pills are still steroids and aren't mild, or safer. You still need to know your shit and take proper precautions. But, depends on what pills you are taking. D-dol, anadrol, winstrol are the most common orals. If you are looking for an easy short cycle where you can put on a little muscle, winstrol is your choice-doesn't convert to estrogen or progesterone, just have to worry about liver toxicity. But I think this idea of "keeping" is flawed. If you are eating, trainig, supplementing, and sleeping right, you will keep everything. With highly androgenic steroids or ones that will convert to estrogen, you will put on some water weight- that you will lose after the cycle but that is just bloat. So my advice to you (as I give to all who want to use steroids) is to make sure everything else is in check first before you use steroids (diet,training,supplements,sleep). You may find out that if you get these things on track that you will gain everything that you wanted without steroids. This sight has tons of diet and training articles for those who what to get big. Use these resources to help you along. You sound like me when I was young,(and you do sound young) wanting to put on a little muscle but with a short cycle because you don't know that much about steroids in the first place and are afraid to fuck yourself up. Listen. Steroids will only help you if you have you shit together. I think of them like supplements, potentially dangerous supplements, but they can only speed along what you are already doing right. If you are only doing a little right, you will only get a little benfit from steroids. I know tons of guys who use steroids with minimal gain because they don't know how to build muscle in the first place. Don't be one of those guys. Any more questions, feel free to ask.