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Quick question

Can somebody name a world capital that isn’t on a body of water?

Right off the top of my head, Moscow, I think. I’m sure there are more.

All of them. I have never seen a capital that wasn’t on land.

Moscow’s on a river, if you count that as a body of water.

Just to be clear, that last post was by me (DocT), but somehow I got logged in as somebody else.

The world doesn’t have a capital. Nations do.

I can be petty and sarcastic if I wanna.

Bejing, /China would be my guess…

Beijing is on the Yangtze which is the 4th-longest in the world or something & Moscow is on the Moscow River. By body of water I specifically meant river or ocean. I can’t think of any capitals which aren’t on a river or the ocean. There might be one in the middle of Africa or something.

You guys are pretty effin’ funny! Thanks for the laughs!

Sure your DocT, biltritewave.

Nice try…


My spidey sense tells me this is a trick question…

Mexico City

I didn’t think of Mexico, I guess that’s one.

I messed up with Beijing too, it’s not on a river. Neither are Tehran & Mexico.

Seoul, South Korea.

Bangkok, Thailand.

I thought so… Say what are you trying to get at this question. is it just curiousity? Or is there a point?

Say is actually a 10 year old elementary school kid and we just got sucked into doing his homework assignment or him…Doh!

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You crack me up, cakeman!

That’s why I’m here Brother, 5 nights a week…

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