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When using Amino Acids on a daily basis, i.e. BCAAs, Leucine, Glutamine, Glycine and others, do you count these are proteins in your daily macro intake?

I’m designing my diet at the moment, I have the Macro numbers, and I’ll be counting my Fish Oil intake (grams) toward my daily fat allowance, but don’t know if I should do the same for AA’s.



because they are amino acids (the stuff proteins are made of) they DO contain calories and should be counted towards daily totals.

That being said, unless your taking a ton of them (which isn’t necessary, but whatever) they don’t contribute significantly to the diet, so most don’t bother counting them.

AA’s DO count as calories, however I never count them towards my totals (laziness?). I figure its protein and not going to hurt me if I have some extra.

*I’ve only supped with BCAA’s while bulking, hence the non-caring of extra calories.

Thanks for the input guys.


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Thanks for the input guy.


Fixed, lol.

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CT just answered this question in his Q&A, check it out