Quick Question Regarding Ephedra

Alright, been a member for a couple years, mostly lurk. However, today, I have a question. So I picked up some Lipodrene from the sketch little store near my gym. 25 mg of Ephedra. Woot, woot, woot. Now, I’ve used Bronkaid and Primatene tabs before and they were OKAY at best.

Im hoping this stuff works better, as there is more Ephedra per serving. Now, I know that Ephedra supresses the appetite. However, I eat every 2-3 hours, regardless of whether or not I am hungry, its just habit.

Without further ado, here is my question: Should I sacrifice a meal, if im not feeling hungry, being that thats what the Ephedra is supposed to be doing? I dont think that’s a good idea, if anything I would just lower the caloric value of each meal. Maybe, I just answered my own question? I dont know.

Eat the amount of food you need to fit your caloric goals. If you can only eat 5 meals instead of 6 but are still at X cals under maintenance, that is fine. However, as you know, eating more often usually helps with fat loss.

Lipodrene, the big yellow pills? Seems like some kind of labeling gimmick for them to be able to sell ephedra/ine as a weight loss pill in the US. Doesn’t seem legit.

If I’m dieting, and I’m not hungry, I take that for the blessing that it is, toss back a few BCAAs, and save the calories. That said, if I’ve gone like 5 hours without eating I’ll make sure to have something to keep my metabolism going and prevent catabolism.

I thought they banned ephedra without a subscription back in the 90’s then switched to Ma Huang as the herbal form. Did they ban Ma Huang also? GNC used to sell Ripped fuel with Ma Huang and I loved that shit.

Ephedra was never banned. It’s just not allowed to be marketed as a weight loss supplement.

Is it epedrine (the active ingredient that’s in bronkaid, etc) or ephedra (the natural supplement that contains god-knows-what-else)?

it is uhh, 25mg ephedra. I was talking to the woman in the store. She told me its legal to sell(she would!). They had those and these other ones called Diablos. Little too intense for me though. Been taking them for a couple days. Feel it working deff.

dude, I just looked up lipodrene.

It looks like it has both ephedra (that sida cordiola stuff) AND yohimbe in it.

Yohimbe/yohimbine also has a stimulant effect, AND a fat burning effect (different than ephedrine’s). I’ve never taken it, but I understand it’s more targeted towards burning fat from stubborn areas. I’ve read from Lyle Mcdonald that you’re not supposed to take both at the same time. I think because combined they can really jack up your bleed pressure and heart rate. Heart pounding through chest, etc.

primatene and bronk-aid are ephedrine sulfate, while ephedrine hcl is the desired version for fat loss in my opinion. both work though, I think sulfate is simply shorter acting. if youre smart you can still get ephedrine hcl.

if you’re dumb you can still get Ephedrine HCL…