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Quick Question Regarding Drs.


Hey everyone.

New account on here. Lurked around for a few years back when I was in high school and for a bit afterwords.

So, figured I would make an account this go around and say hi to the community here.

Anyways If you don't care who I am or where I come from feel free to skip to paragraph 3, no need to waste your time.

Basic Info and Hi.

Did a longish first test/deca/drol cycle years ago, after years of training naturally,and it went great loved it and felt like super man. Did a proper post and kept most of my gains and was about to do another cycle until I met someone special. She was an amazing girl, although with one flaw... very jealous. It got to the point where I couldn't stand the excessive nagging about how I kept improving the way my body looked and how others perceived and would talk to me.

So I made a choice to stop working out hardcore and took a more of a healthy approach to the gym. Years pass I am at the point where I was sitting at 150 lbs, down from 220 ish when I met this girl, and my head was in a weird place. I missed the gym and the lifestyle that comes with it and it was starting to get to me. I was an athlete, someone who took pride in the way I looked and trained and felt. I didn't feel like myself anymore, I hated the way I trained, I hated the way my body looked. I felt skinny, weak... and in all honestly I lost all passion for working out. Was one of the main reasons why I decided to end things with this girl, it was a hard choice but I honestly couldn't live that life anymore.

After this all happened I hit the gym hard again. It was rough coming back into the old stomping ground in the shape I was in. Through hard work I gained a good portion of the weight back and made it my goal to get back to the 200lb mark before I started anything more serious then protein powder. The goal was achieved and about 6 months ago I started a basic cycle with just Test this time. Reasons being, I don't want to put extra stress on the liver with orals(the rewards aren't worth the risk to me), and honestly didn't really see the need for deca this go around.

So the cycle went great, I went from 200lbs about 15% bf to about 220 8% bf in the span of about 3 months. Did a good post again, and took a few weeks off before I started thinking about the next cycle. During this break was summer time, so the gym wasn't a priority because I traveled around and relaxed during the summer. Anyways with fall coming I hit the weights hard again and about a month ago started my next cycle. Decided to amp it up a bit this go around and go with some tren as well as test.


So anyways running a Tren A @ 300mg/week and t400 @ 800mg/week this go around. Started with tren a to see how my body would respond to it, and honestly I think it is the best thing that anyone has ever introduced me to. I have not experienced to many sides so far, just hot all the fucking time and have had bad dreams as well as I am always a bit edgy now. So with that being said, with the Tren being alittle more intense then test, I have wanted to go see a doctor and see medically how my body is responding to it. I have no issues with people knowing I am on, I don't broadcast the fact that I am running, although I am sure people can guess that I am on something. But I have never brought this up with a medical professional before and I am not sure how to go about it.

How do they react when Steroids are brought up? Is there any issues bringing it up with them? Or should I go in and ask for a routine blood work? but even then they would likely know whats going on. What is your guys experience with dealing with Drs? I am currently in Alberta Canada if that has any relevance to the topic at hand.


I have always been very up front about my usage with any doctor I have had. Luckily I have gotten relatively understanding doctors each one gives he steroids are bad sppech but, that’s the end of it. Best relationship I have had with a doctor is my current one lol he asked
" So honestly are you steroids of any kind?"

I said " yes "

“How much”

“1000mg of Test, 750mg Tren, 400mg Deca”

“Holy shit are you serious?.. Well do you want to hear the steroids are bad talk?”

" No "

" Well will you listen to the steroids are not great for you and obviously your ok taking things so, you need to take this for your cholesterol and this for your blood pressure talk because both of yours are completely horrible talk?"

“Yes lol”

We have been friends since and I see him regularly for all check UPS and blood work.