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Quick Question RE. Dosage


I'm trying to do my first HCG shot (sub Q) I want to do 250iu. I have 2 bottles 1 water 1 powder. I withdrew water and shot it in powder. It is labeled as "10,000 iu". It's about the same size as my 10ml test bottle. Problem is slin pin is labeled "10,20,30..." and so on all the way down to "100". Below the "100" it says "units". Next to the "100" it says "1ML". If the entire syringe is 100 units then I'd have to shoot 2 and a half full syringes to get 250 iu. I know this can't be right. I'm leaning towards filling it to half way between 20 and 30. This would take up about a half inch of the insulin syringe. If I am right then what the fuck kind of "units" is this syringe talking about when it claims the entire 3 inch syringe is only 100 units. Please confirm as I have already put this off a couple days and want to do right away. Sorry for being such a dumb shit.



Look around and search this site. I can't remeber of the top of my head, but I think 1000 ius=1 ML. I add 1 ML of water to a 5000 iu HCG vile then add in 9 ML's of water so each 1 ML has 500 ius of HCG. I use a standard pin and draw with 25 and poke with a 27, keeps everything simple. If you mixed 10,000 ius in 1 ml of water I don't know how you could possibly measure that acuarately. Good luck.


The units the syringe is talking about is Insulin. Use the numbers as an measurement of volume. Since the hgc is 10,000 iu's and you added 10ml than each ml=100iu(on the syringe)which=1000iu's of HCG 2.5ml=2500iu'sHCG or 250iu's(drawn up in the syringes) Next time use less water to cut down on the volume. For example, 10,000iu's hcg in 4ml of water=2500iu's/ml which is 100iu's on an Insulin syringe-----Freak


10,000 IU 10ml is 1000 units/ml. So .25ml is 250 units. I fill a .5ml insulin syringe and that is 500 HCG units. For 250 HCG IUs the syringe reads 25, which works out very well.

The diluent supplied is 10ml, so use it all.

I use half of the loaded .5ml syringe one day for 250IU then use the rest for the next time. For a 1ml syringe you can get four injections from that. Keep the loaded syringe in the refrigerator with the vial. You can warm the syringe a bit in your hand before injection if that makes it more comfortable, then chill again if not empty.

Clean the injection site and if reusing the syringe, clean the needle and end of syringe, inject and clean the needle again (cleaning before and after), recap and refrigerate if not empty. Clean the needle first and allow to flash off (to avoid stinging) with cap removed while selecting and cleaning the injection site. If injecting IM in the leg, find a spot without visible veins and mark by pressing with thumb nail, the clean with alcohol and the marked location is then obvious. Package insert says IM injection, but docs and others recommend subcutaneous for comfort and claim similar effectiveness. For its intended usage for female fertility treatment, the injected amounts are large and IM is probably indicated for that. IM on the leg can bleed or bruise if you go through a surface vein, and you should aspirate before injecting. If injecting in the belly fat, I don't think that bleeders or bruising will ever happen.

Men should take small doses as large doses can cause the testes to down regulate the LH receptors that the HCG also acts on, then you are doing harm at worst and waisting your money at best. Research shows that 250IUs EOD restores the testes to their normal internal testosterone levels. So that should be considered a maximum to restore or maintain normal activity when TRT is shutting down the LH and the testes.


Damn! What is the deal? Why do people insist on buying and taking shit they know nothing about? You will get bit in the ass my friend if you don't tighten up and read some. See what you can find and then slide me a pm. I'll help you any way I can but you need to do your part first.