Quick Question - PCT

What is best stuff to use to prevent water retention? Armidex i can’t find in my country ( Serbia).


And what does water retention have to do with pct?

Stupid mistake

How much dailly and when to start,stop using?

how much of what, and for what purpose? Are you talking about PCT or reducing bloat on cycle?

How much of Aromsin, or what ever to use to reduce water bloat on cycle?

depends on how much aromatising shizzle you’re running. What’s your cycle look like?

test.enantan 500 mg every 5 day and boldenone 600 mg every 5 day. Cycle lenght 12 weeks.

test. enantan 500mg every 5 days and boldenone 600mg every 5 days. Cycle lenght 12 weeks.

you’d probably be alright on 12.5mg eod but you may need to adjust it up or down depending on how you react