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Quick Question on Gyno

I know theres a million posts about it but i just noticed on myself only one side of my chest seems to have it. My left nipple seems more puffy then the right and tender i know it sounds weird but didn’t know if this has happened to anyone on here?

What are you taking?

Gyno does not develop equally in both nipples. I have read where some people have lumps under the nipple on one side, and nothing but tenderness on the other side.

Im not on anything i never really noticed till the other day when i felt it and it just kinda bothered me. so i was checkin them both out and the left is just a little more puffy then the right side nipple and more sensitive. Bothered me a lot so i figured i would come on here and see if anyone had the same problem im almost 19 so i didnt know if it was hormones acting up?

When I had my little “problem” it was a difference of night and day between my nipples. My right one really wasn’t too too bad, but good lord… my left one started “poking” out and you could see it through my fucking shirts.

Though they were both tender as hell and hurt when you pressed on them.

So what ever happened did it go back to normal? or am I on a road to hell with this?

well… my case was a little different than your since it was induced by drugs, and yours might just be caused naturally.

I have always heard that most people who develop it naturally eventually grow out of it.

I’m a little lost on that subject though so you might be better off waiting for a more experienced person to respond, or get it checked by your doctor (if you really think its that bad) Might just be in your head… and really not that big of a deal.

I think your right its not that bad at all but its just the fact of it being a little different then the other. I mean i dont juice i take supplements but nothing in the last 6 months. So when this started showing some sensitivity i couldn’t figure it out. Im under a lot of stress and im 19 so i thought maybe that could be it?

Yeah Im really not sure now because it hurts and clearly can see a difference between the two…

Anyone wanna give me an opinion on what to do? Should i try some nolvadex?