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Quick Question on German Volume Training


Been lifting for around 2 years, looking at giving the advanced version of German volume training a try during my next bulk.

Ive read this article (http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/advanced_german_volume_training) a bunch of times and I have one question about it

It gives the example

Workout 1
Set 1: 225 x 5
Set 2: 225 x 5
Set 3: 225 x 5
Set 4: 225 x 5
Set 5: 225 x 5
Set 6: 225 x 5
Set 7: 225 x 4
Set 8: 225 x 4
Set 9: 225 x 3
Set 10: 225 x 3

Going on to say

Workout 2
Increase the weight by 6-7% and strive to do 10 sets of 4 reps with that weight. So workout 2 would look like this:

Set 1: 235 x 4
Set 2: 235 x 4
Set 3: 235 x 4
Set 4: 235 x 4
Set 5: 235 x 4
Set 6: 235 x 4
Set 7: 235 x 4
Set 8: 235 x 4
Set 9: 235 x 4
Set 10: 235 x 4

My question
Do you go on to workout 2 regardless of if you achieve 10 sets of 5 reps on workout 1? Or do you continue until you are able to do the weight of workout 1 for 10 sets of 5 reps?

If anyone wants to add anything else about there experience with German Volume Training I would love to hear it.

Thank you


You answered your own question within the post, lol...


Hahah, mind pointing out where? :slight_smile:

do you mean. . .

It reads as if you continue on to workout 2 regardless of whether or not you make 10 sets of 5 in workout one. The reason I ask is because in the same article, it says when talking about the beginner german volume training it says

I was wondering if it this also applied to the advance one?


Personally for my "volume" workouts I have a rep range. For example I might have a rep range of 10-12 on an exercise. When I can get however many sets all for 12 reps I move the weight up a reasonable amount and do sets of 10 then next workout I'll do same weight for sets of 12 and so on. I find I progress better if I move up in reps before I move up in weight. Experiment and see what you like.


This is especially true of higher rep ranges (and exercises being done)


Once you complete workout 1, move on and do workout 2 the following week, then workout 3 the week after that.

Week 4, you take the exact same weight used in week 2, however this time you aim for 5 reps not 4.

Week 5, you take the exact same weight used in week 3, however this time you aim for 4 reps not 3.

Week 6, I suppose you again increase on week 5 by 6-7%.

So to basically answer your question, regardless whether you are hitting the target reps in your last few sets, you move onto the following weeks workout plan.

I'm actually considering this program having done the original GVT with great success a number of years ago. First I have to rehab my dislocated elbow injury though :frowning:

Let me know how it goes, PM me when you complete it because I'll surely forget to PM you.