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Quick question on flaxseed oil

Can someone give me a quick explaination of teh benefits of taking flaxseed oil? In the poliquin principles and other sources it is suggested to include in post work out drinks?? just curious…thanks

Simply put, flaxseed oil is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. To learn about the benefits of Omega-3s: (1) click on the “Previous Issues” button to the left; (2) once you get to that page, enter “The Fat Roundtable” in the Search box and then click the Search button; and (3) click on the first link that appears next (“The Fat Roundtable”).

Flax oil is a good source of EFA’s. It contains a lot of Omega 3’s and also some Omega 6’s. Omega 3’s are generally devoid in a lot of people’s diets so supplementing with flax oil can provide some. Some experts like Will Brink and the late Dan Duchaine think Flax oil is one of the foremost supplement buys. I wouldn’t add to post workout though like Poliquin says in his book. He later changed that.

I think that the principle benefit of flaxseed oil is that it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. The primary member of the omega-3 family is linolenic acid, which cannot be made by the body, and must be supplied by food. Most Americans are deficient in this. Hormonal regulation is one of the key benefits of these fatty acids.

Thanks for the responses. I will check out the roundtable. One other question, is flaxseed taken for general health or are there specific benifits to supplemetning with it? such as with creatine?

marc, flaxseed meal and oil is very popular with the ‘health nut’ crowd as well. It has been shown in certain studies, and looking at cultures that eat a large quantity of cold water fish (which contain high amts. of omega-3’s), that a high intake of omega-3’s is correlated with a substantial lowering of heart diease, cancer, and diabetes. Ingesting flax oil is not going to work in the same pathways as creatine, but will help in your muscle building endeavors by positively affecting your hormonal profile. Of course, you could get your omega-3’s in other ways (nuts/seeds, salmon and other fatty fish, etc.)

thank you! thank you!

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