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quick question on cutting

I am going to begin cutting tommorow and as of now I have been eating 3 whole eggs with 2 slices of whole weat bread for my first meal of the day, would it be wise to stick to this for a cutting diet or switch to egg whites?


Switching to egg whites would not be a good idea. You really want to eat the whole egg - there’s a lot of good stuff in the yolk.

I mentioned something about bread here before, but it didn’t get much attention. If bread is going to be a part of your diet, it would be a good idea to go to a health food store in your area and pick up some sprouted bread. It will be in the freezer section because they aren’t loaded with preservatives. Makes sure you look at the ingredients and avoid brands that contain soy lecithin.

The reason for this is that normal bread can block absorption of some very important nutrients, especially to atheletes, including zinc, magnesium, and calcium.

What else are you going to eat?

Switch to egg whites. Here’s why:

  1. Research has shown that a meal with moderate quantities of both fats and carbs have a synergistic effect on insulin release. Insulin release will spike higher, in other words. This JBs rule #1.

  2. Egg yolks produce one of the highest net acid concentrations in your body. This very high net acid will cause your body to a)use bone calcium to neutralize it, and/or b)use muscle glutamine to neutralize it. Cortisol conentrations will rise. Clearly not an ideal scenario given the already catabolic state your body will be in due to dieting.

You can use whole eggs IF:

  1. it’s a P+F meal, and
  2. You eat a moderate ammount of vegetables (a cup or more, depending on how many yolks you’re having). Vegetables will neutralize the net acid produced by the yolks - spinach is one of the best veggies for this.

Couple of quick pieces of advice there Maco:

  1. Read through the magazine and pick one of the outlined diets, it’ll take a lot of the guess work out of dieting. T-Dawg 2.0 is heavily recommended. As are the fat fast and steroid dieting.

  2. We really need a little more info to answer your question fully. It could be answered as:
    a) No with and qualifier
    b) Yes with an explanation.

  3. Don’t pay too much attention to NeilG, most of what he says flies directly in the face of everything on this site. Since most of us have had great success with what’s on this site I would be more inclined to follow the well beaten path to success.


I based this diet on t-dawg diet and was going to start it tommorow, however, on a different site i got laughed at for this so now i gotta start over
anyways this is how my diet was goin to look like:
BTW im 17yrs old 158pds, no clue on bodyfat but not alot (i can kinda see my top 2 abs now i wanna see my 6 pack!)

Breakfast (approx 10:00)

  • 1 whole egg with 3 egg whites and 2 slices of turkey bacon. 1 tsp Flax oil.

Lunch (approx 12:30)

  • Extra lean ground beef patty, no bread.

Pre WO shake (2:00)
-1 scoop 100% whey mixed with skim milk

Post WO shake (3:30)
-1 scoop 100% whey mixed with skim milk. 5g creatine

Dinner (5:00)

  • 1 large skinless boneless chiken breast

Snack (7:00)

  • 3 egg whites

Snack (9:00)

  • 1 large skinless boneless chicken breast

Pre-bed (12:00)

  • 1 scoop 100% whey with skim milk.

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One question: What do you do with the egg yolks??

don’t take milk pre-workout. Just use water and sugar if you need it. Same with post workout. As for creatine, split it up into 2 or more smaller doses throughout the day. I would do 2.5 g pre-workout and 2.5 g post workout. This will allow for better absorption rates. Actually, I would take 2.5 g first thing in the morning, then 2.5g post workout. That spreads it out a little more.

Again, don’t listen to Neil. He’ll have you eating raw eggs and other raw foods that will get you sick quick.


“Again, don’t listen to Neil. He’ll have you eating raw eggs and other raw foods that will get you sick quick.”

Tell me, then, why I haven’t gotten sick from it?

how does the diet look as a whole? i put it up on another site and they said to put ALOT more carbs, but like i said i based it on the t-dawg diet.

NeilG has eaten raw foods and not gotten sick. They must be okay.

Unless you are about 5’4", I’d be willing to bet that at 158lbs. putting on muscle would help you out a lot. Besides, you’re 17. That’s prime growing time. Worry about your abs after you’ve layed a thick foundation of muscle.

Just because you’ve done it and not gotten sick doesn’t mean it’s smart. You’re still a fucking idiot for doing it.

Hey guys, perhaps we should forget about Neil for a moment here. . .

Okay, looking at your diet I’ve got a couple of suggestions. My first would be to look into some post workout nutrition like surge. Or mix gatorade and whey protein and make your own (eewww!). Cassandra was recently heard going on about how milk is actually a good pre-workout drink so I’ll bow to her expertise on the diet. Plus she gets really annoying if she doesn’t get her way :wink:

The other suggestion I might have would be to add some salmon in place of some of your other meats. It will improve the lipid profile of your diet.

You might also reduce the total calories by reducing the amount of protein a little if you want a little more fat loss. At your weight 200g of protein would be plenty.

That’s really all I’ve got since this isn’t my area of expertise (not that lack of knowledge ever stopped me from chiming in on a topic).

ps. I second the suggestion that you should get a little bigger first. At your age you’ll find the BF% probably drops at the same time. Lucky bastard. . .

I agree with doogie.