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Quick Question (MMA Related)

I was watching Overeem smash #1 P4P DVD-watcher Thompson this past weekend and was wondering, what causes Overeem’s face to get so puffy? A specific steroid, or just steroids in general? Is it GH?

Also, I’ve heard that GH is hard to test for vice something like d-bol, test, or deca - is this true?

Sorry for the noobie questions and thanks!

Over what frame time are you seeing the bloating?

I assume he eats more when he doesn’t have a fight coming up. And before a fight he will cut weight to make sure he stays in his class. Why is your first thought to blame it on steroids and not just less water retention from cutting water?

But if it is steroid use then it’s from aromatizeable steroids.

Yes GH is virtually undectable. Steroids are rather easy to test for but have to be tested for individually.

Dream’s heavyweight class doesn’t have an upper limit but he is fairly lean. His face has gotten bloated and kind of distorted over the past several years as he has gotten much bigger. It’s probably from eating to gain that much weight combined with a predisposition to store fat in his face exacerbated by drugs like test and dbol.