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Quick Question About Supplements


Hey T-Nationers',
I've been scoping out the products section here at T-Nation and was wondering in any of you could offer any advice about the Biotest products.

Specifics-6'2" 190lbs just lost 50lbs. over the last yeat (yes it's true, I was fat) now I want to bring up my LBM 20-30lbs while staying as lean as possible (roughly in the 10% range).

My nutrition is good a'la Dr. Berardi, although I do want to increase my cals. I'm not normally a hardgainer, just 31 yrs. old and I can feel that my T production has dropped over the last 5-7 sedentary years

Anything you've got is appreciated. From 'you're an idiot for even thinking of supplements' to 'dude, you've gotta try this totally tubular stack my bros and I totally geeked out on last month.

Thanks fellas


First I think you need to ask yourself what you expect from them. After all they are only supplements and nothing more. Your biggest supplement is hard work.

Metabolic Drive is the best Protein Drink on the market, both in quality and taste. Surge is awesome after a workout, although I have to laugh at people that expect to "feel" something after drinking it (can you feel a multi-vitamin?). Alpha Male and Methoxy-7 are great as is Carbolin 19 as long as you are doing something to start with.

There is no "magic" pill even if you take steroids (the illegal supplements), your biggest boost will always come from hard work.


Yeah I gotta agree with this. You have to remember that its very hard(unless your a complete beginner) to put on the type of mass your talking about without a little bit of fat gain. I'm not saying its not possible especially while following Berardi's advice. Unless your in a big hurry then I would just increase calories a little bit at a time and weigh,check body fat and just overall observe the changes your body is going through and adjust as needed.

As far as the supps, I don't think you can go wrong with Alpha Male especially seeing as you mentioned your testosterone somewhat lagging with age.


Yeah, I agree with what you've said. I'm wanting to add the mass over the next 18 months. At least that's my goal. While I'm not a beginner in the sense that I've never trained I did lay off for 8 years after college until about 16 months ago. Then I tore both the left and right rotator cuffs and the did something to the biceps tendon that connects to the shoulder (the chin up tendon-not the curl tendon).

On the plus side I was 240lbs. in shape in college, so I wonder whether I'll get any 'muscle memory' affect now that my goal is strength/power rather than weight loss?

Oh, and I was using Eas's Myoplex Sport post workout drink and while I agree that I didn't 'feel' anything in the sense that a drug causes an immediate physical response there was definitely a 'feeling' that just not present when not using a post workout drink. I'll definitely give Surge a shot.

Thanks for your responses. They pretty much backed up what I already know (which is kinda dissappointing, after all don't we all want a 'magic bullet')