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Quick Question about Small Lump

Currently on 600 test C per week and 600 EQ I’m running armidex .5 e4ds as I didn’t want to crash my estrogen because of EQ. I have a little itchy pain in my right nipple and today with further inspection I felt a small lump and I’m not freaking out because you can’t see it and I’m pretty low body fat but I still know it’s not healthy. Last time on 600 test I ran .5 armidex eod and my estrogen was in check. Today I dosed .5 armidex because I got a little scared and am trying to decide if dosing it eod will fix this issue or what exactly to do.

I know I’m rambling but there is two other things

I was on anadrol a couple months ago on a cruise of 250 test (I know not a cruise but I compete so bear with me) and I didn’t take any AI because I don’t arromitize that crazy (I thought) and I feel better on higher estrogen
Especially on a cruise

Point two is I’m 9 weeks out of my pro show to hopefully get my pro card and I’m adding TREN E next week to my cycle. I thought I had everything in check estrogen wise and I lowered armidex because of the EQ but today this lump threw me off track and I just care about my health and obviously no gyno showing for the show( I don’t think this will happen it’s not that big it feels almost like a lymph node)

I know I rambled but please talk you’re time to read this because I’m not sure what to do and idk if upping the armidex eliminates the gyno ?

Btw I have everything on hand for tren (caber) I’m glad this didn’t show up when I started tren because I probably would’ve over did the caber and screwed my self LOL basically I need to figure out wtf to do before the tren e kicks in so I can see if I need caber or not and how much

First time doing TREN and I’m doing 400

It doesn’t sound serious yet, but if you wanted to take Nolva for the gyno that would be better than taking more AI.