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Quick Question about Front Squats

Hello all I was in my local gym this past week doing some front squats ( my new favorite exercise) when one of the trainers stopped me because he noticed I go all the way to the bottom on my front squats. He proceeded to tell me that going through the full range of motion will cause damage to the meniscus over time which scared me because I do bjj and I certainly don’t want my strength training to make me more prone to a very common bjj injury.

He said I should stop at parallel but my problem with this is the only way I can stop at parallel is to hinge at the hip which causes my torso to translate forward which will make me drop the bar. I know front squats are a pretty regular part of the menue for oly lifters and I was wondering if any long time front squatters could help me out with this thanks in advance.

go ass to grass, it’s never too deep

[quote]HatersGunaHate wrote:
go ass to grass, it’s never too deep[/quote]
That’s what I thought bro, I’m a was a bit confused as to why a squat seems to be the only movement pattern that the body can’t handle full range of motion on I’m like I do weighted push ups and with those the elbow is in full flexion under load and I’ve never heard anyone complain about elbow pain from weighted push ups or bench press for that matter.

Back off to 50-60% 1RM, and at the bottom (parallel or whichever you choose) just pause for 5 seconds. Do a few reps… your body will find the strongest position. Take note and adjust.
Ok, not gonna lie, I actually read something like that in a T-Nation article recently. I did it, and it improved my squat form, made me conscious of a couple little things I didn’t notice, cleaned me up. Just try it.

I would say that’s a lack of dorsiflexion. Anyone else?
Better ankle mobility would translate your entire body forward, which would require less hip flexion to maintain your COG.

Ass to grass son, assuming you have proper technique and flexibility.

That trainer is full of shit. If he were right, all the olympic lifters in the world would have torn meniscuses.

That said, it is bad practice to fall into the hole and bounce out. Controlled rebound ok, big bounce = bad

He needs to read more. You’ve given the exact example that I always do: why is the squat the only pattern that can’t go full range?

Keep hitting full depth and you will actually protect your knees from injury.

[quote]Aragorn wrote:

That trainer is full of shit. [/quote]


If I was a BJJ practitioner and a “trainer” DARED to spew this bullshit in my direction, said “trainer” would have promptly been choked out!


[quote]In10s wrote:
If I was a BJJ practitioner and a “trainer” DARED to spew this bullshit in my direction, said “trainer” would have promptly been choked out!

FULL SQUAT![/quote]
Thanks for all the great replies guys ATG it is!! And yeah bro he was annoying the hell out of me I should have choked him out lmao!