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Quick Question About a Cycle

A quick question about a mini cycle.

Cycle: Start off with 100 tabs of anadrols (taking 20 mg ed) and taper with 100 tabs of d bols (20mg ed, 15 mg ed and then 5 mg ed)
PCT: aromasin (20mg ed), nolvadex(20mg ed), vitamin E (1000 UI)for 5 weeks.

Just had a cycle of d bols about 5 weeks ago.

Ok, oral only does suck in regards of maintaining gains , and yeas its not the ideal cycle but is it appropriate to gain a little mass (3lbs after PCT, at least?)

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Hmmm…yeah you’re right man. Gotta man up and take the shot. I ve been off training for a half and a month as my day is 100% full up cause of exams and projects (Im an electronics apprentice/student). when I was in my best shape during the d-bol cycle I weighd round 85kgs AND LOST 6 KGS IN A WEEK, but still I looked bigger than at the beggining of the cycle (weighed 79 kgs but was fatter) and heck I looked modestly big! now I lost like tears 5 lbs of muscle since the only time for training is at 4am, which i am being exhauseted as I start school at 8.00am, get back home at 5:45pm and continue my projects/studying/assigmnments at ~7.00pm (still exhausetd) and stay awake till 3:00am. Im really frustanded since my day is really full up. In summer I want to gain what Ive lost. anyways any steroidal course im going to take will going to have arimidex as a pct no matter what.

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