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Quick Q: HRT Training


My old man is going to be starting "HRT" and I'm going to be training him. I was ondering if any of you would be interested in me posting the whole thing up? And if so, do you think I should post it here or in "35+" or what?


I would be interested. I would be more interested to know how he came about starting HRT, by your convincing oor his own research. I ask because I am going to attempt to get my own dad on HRT as I believe it would be very beneficial to him. What kind of advice can you give in this respect if you did convince your own father.



Actually the 35+ forum talks more about HRT than we do by a long shot. Though they aren't interested in the performance enhancement properties of AAS as much as we are. There are a handful of guys here who use HRT outside of AAS, and know more about the performance enhancement mechanisms of AAS, but for practical advice you may be better off asking in the 35+ forum.


By my convincing. His mental capacity has slowly declined (a problem of low T , itself) so I've had to show him the things that are wrong with him, how they correlate to low T and then show him the research that backs up my theory.

I've been telling him for two years that he needs to lose about 70 pounds for his health and only recently his doctors' ASSISTANT told him that he needs to lose 90, so now he's really been hit hard. But he doesn't know what to do or how to do it. I wrote out an essay on 14 studies showing the effects of low T and T replacement.

when I presented this to his doctor he simply replied "Testosterone doesn't do everything you 'think' it does" right then and there I knew his doctor was a part of the problem (his MD did "humor" me and check his T levels for the next blood test and his score was 247 which is "marginally low" for his age group, 57). His doctor is a cliche US MD, he prescribes meds only for the symptoms and not methodology to fix the core problem. That's where I come in...

As for helping your own pops, I would recommend doing LOTS of research. Go to InfoTrac if you have access, or you can go to endo.endojournals.org and type in Testosterone, you'll get hundreds of studies. DON'T look for info on web pages like this one (no offense T-Nation!!!) the info might be good but it's not always clear, concise and/or thorough. You need references, abstracts, methods, results...in other words specifics! Then, write out a quick summary of the info you've gathered and present it.


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Thanks alot for the info, my dad is actually very underweight post car accident, he was also a college athlete and his age is finally starting to catch up with his body and mind a little. Thanks again for the advice and good luck with the training.