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Quick Q For Danny John


Hi Dan,

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Biotest / T-Nation supps. I know you are a big proponent of the basics....

Has your view on supplements changed due to the innovations of T-Nation and Biotest? Or does your mantra about immediate = illegal, quickly = banned still keep you from experimenting with other supps?

Thanks for any comments,



I addressed this myself in a series of questions to Cy Wilson. You know, I'm 48. I am trying to maintain an odd balance between Health, Fitness and Performance. So, I think about this stuff a lot.

I'm going to hold off for a complete answer, but you should know my basics:

  1. More protein
  2. More fiber
  3. More Water
  4. More fish oil capsules

I recommend that for everyone.

The next level after mastering that, would be "protein timing." I am assuming a performance person here. For health...those four are great.

Protein before you train, protein while you train (a little...don't go crazy) and protein after.

So, you want to hear me support something...sure, I like Low-Carb Grow! Why?

It ain't the science for me. I like the fact that it mixes well and doesn't glop up like a bunch of sewage in the bottom.

My life is all about "lowered standards," I guess.

So, I get a ton of protein...no cheap sugars...good mixing...all for $23 a big bottle. That is just too good a deal for me.

So, let's hear what you think...


No, Big D

You are 39, with 9 years experience.


Great answer. I have followed your advice on the basics for about 6 months and noticed that I "feel" and look healthier. No breakouts of acne or tired eyes etc.

I think Grow! would be a great addition to anyones diet for health and performance.

As are a lot of the supps on this site.

Do you think that Alpha Male would help with your health and performance simultaniously?

or HOT-ROX, Spike and Carbolin 19.

I know you love to bring clarity to all the magic pills and potions available to us lifters, but can you see any downsides to the above supplements?

Thanks for any thoughts you have.

You are a credit to the T-Nation.