Quick Q About Flameout

I got a quick question. I have experienced fish burps from almost every different fish oil I’ve tried.

Can anyone who has/is taking Flameout fish oil, experienced any fish burps?

No i dont, some a few have said they do. take them with food and you should be fine. Or freeze them and take em


I don’t. If I eat them alone or with a meal, it doesn’t matter.

But that’s me, not you. Eat them with a meal.

Freeze them.

I don’t have this issue with Flameout either. I recommend you try them…

When I first took them I noticed burps but it only lasted for about one day. I take them all the time and never notice anything now.

From Flameout? I’m almost finished my first bottle, take 4 a day, never had a weird tasting burp and I have burped a few times while training, but I’m usually sucking back on Surge.

Thanks for the feedback. Looks like i’ll pick up a few bottles when they come back in stock.

Burps disappeared after a week or so. Now I take close to 20g fish oils a day, and still no burps (praise the lord! -lol)


Only when I’m on an empty stomach (which is wrong, ideally one should take fish oil with food) do I get the fish burps.