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Quick Protein Meals

Meal 1:
1 tuna can,
Cooking sauce(there are low carb options if you look hard e.g. low carb bolognase),
1 fajita/pitta bread(wholemeal)

Heat tuna and cooking sauce for 2minutes in a frying pan and serve in the fajita or pitta bread.

Meal 2:
Found an egg poacher the other day in my local supermarket, pour the egg in the poacher, and microwave for 2minutes.

Eat by itself or add abit of masala (indian spice, available in any supermarket).

Ok, its not a meal but thought i would include it anyway!

1 serving of Power Drive,
Can of sugarfree cafiene drink e.g. Redbull,

Mix together and consume. Helpful on leg day.

The hardcore T-nation people out there probably know all this but it can help beginners like me out!