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Hey, I was just wondering what percentage fat-carb-pro everyone is using for their diets? Including the T-Staff. Thanks.

as a percentage of calories, currently around 45%protein, 35%fat, 20%carb and on a cutting cycle.

I am 5 11,around 200 lbs. Natural bulking, 3900 kCal,p/f/c 30/40/30. Chemically enhanced bulking, 4000 kCal, 35/15/50. Dieting, 2000-2400 kCal, 50/25/25. It is interesting that during my last diet the fat loss stopped, I upped the calories from 2000 to 2400 and lost additional 15 lbs in 5-6 weeks. Something to think about.

45% Protein, 45% Carbs and 10% Fat. Thats about 375g protein, 375g carbohydrates and about 33g fat.

I was using Berardi’s 30/40/30 for ten weeks, but for the final few weeks of my diet I’ve switched to 100 g. carbs/day, approx. 1.5 g/protein per lb and around 80 or so g/fat (sorry I don’t know the exact percentages, but this is a Poliquin/Serrano based plan I’m hitting now).

Weekdays, under 70 grams of carbs about 150 g protein, around 2200 total cals.
on the weekends I EAT EVERYTHING I can find, catch, make, or steal! and supplement this with 3 pro/oat shakes

Me and the person who advises me on diet and training; (we really need a good, objective eye and someone who “pushes” us), have agreed on the following:

Isocaloric (33/33/33) or 40P/40C/20F when in between cycles, wanting to “rest and re-evaluate” or as sort of “maintenance”.

When wanting to lose the fat and put on the muscle (and don’t we all!):

We go more 55P/25C/20F. The only consistent “rule” we have is to never go below 20% of total calories as fat.(In addition to always keeping our diet “clean”).

These percentages and diet seem to work for me.

Isocaloric or thereabouts most of the time. 35%P, 45-50%C, 15-20%F is what I’m using while on MAG-10.

Just began “dieting” this week, after a fourteen or so week growing cycle. Carbs are down to about 100 per day, other than workout days when I have 100 post-workout and about 60 the remainder of the day. Protein between 300-400 grams, fat decently high but I don’t count it so I don’t know exactly.