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Quick Nutrition Question


Ok I'm in ball season an I need to lose some fat (15-20lbs) so I'm thinking after season should I jus start eating right, take fish oil,protein before bed/for breakfest/post WO and lift like a mad man and probally speed/agility work with lots of pickup games would this be suffient?


Regardless of season, you should eat right. Protein with each meal, lots of fruits and veggies, healthy fats, etc. If you're trying to lose fat, limit your starchy carbs and try to 500 cals less then you burn per day. Take a look at WS4SB to get a feel for how to structure your training for athletic performance.


Why the hell would you wait until later to start losing the weight you need to lose?? If you can even cut 8 lbs off here while the season is still happening, that means you only need to lose 12 later.


Ok good point I will start eating better now and I planned on doing WS4SB. Another question I have to eat out alot (fast food) should I just get plain grilled chicken sandwichs and a salad or something.

Would 15 salmon fish oil pills be enough per day or do I need more or less and I will start eating oatmeal with protein powder for breakfast. I've started eating beef jerky lately instead of Little Debbies thats a good call right(Should I keep eating beef jerky)?


Whew that was funny as hell lol. Beef jerky is loaded with sodium, it fucks you up if you eat it too much. Massive water retention, swelling around the joints and everything, its gross. Stick with non processed stuff. Nuts, natural peanut butter, whey protein shake, glass of milk etc.


Unless someone is holding a gun to your head, you don't HAVE to eat out a lot. Get some ziploc containers and make your food up in advance. If you really have no other options, go with the grilled chicken salad if you're trying to lose fat.

unprocessed food>beef jerky>little debbies. It's not a great call, but it's better then what you were doing. 15 salmon oil pills seems a little high, but not to bad. It really depends on how much is in each pill.
Now, before asking any more questions, go read John Berardi's 7 Habits of Highly effective nutrition plans. Follow those rules, and ask if you have any questions about them.