Quick Meals, Meals on the Run

With my busy schedule I’m finding it difficult to get in 3,500 calories from quality foods. Basically every meal I have is an Advanced Protein shake with either fruit or fish oils and sometimes natural PB. When MAG-10 is released I plan to do a 6 week cycle aimed to gain 15-20 lbs. I need some people out there to list their favorite quick meal ideas that give quality protein, fats, and carbs. I work 20-30 hours/week, go to school full-time, and have a son so fitting in workouts and meals has become pretty hard. Thanks for any suggestions provided.

Why don’t you try to plan all your meals out for a week and pick one day a week to prepare the meals and just keep them in tubberware? Use MRP’s and protein bars also. Tuna, Cottage Cheese are not hard to prepare.

JD is right, cook everything in bulk over the weekend or any free time you have. Tuperware is any serious bodybuilders best friend, so use it. Try doing a search on the T-mag homepage, not this forum page, for recipes. Steve Berardi wrote an article a while back with a recipe for BB chilli. I’ve found this to be great because it serves 10 to 14 meals, and is so quick, just dish out and eat.

POTATO. high GI, yes, but good carbs. easy as pie to fix in bulk, and stick em in tupperware for sure. that stuff was a great invention… How do you fix your MRP’s or protein? may I suggest another tupperware solution? if you havent already figured it out, that is. 1 liter tupperware bottles. They have a large lid that screws off, big and easy to pour the stuff into. they are only like 2bucks. and you can pre-mix a couple meals worth of protein, drop some ice in there, and you are good to go. You dont even need a mixer, just pour in the water, dump in the powder, and shake the crap out of that thing. You most likely have already discovered this. But i hadnt when a friend told me that he did it, and it is a God send.