Quick HP Mass Question

Ive been really reading up on hpmass and its something i am going to start this coming week. But i have looked around and am having trouble with one thing. For upper I will do overhead press, incline, flat. But on the lower body days as the secondary emphasis would i chose one of those 3 from the upper day or would switching it around to something like floor press or close grip do more. I know its recommended to keep minumul exercises and if i am supposed to choose one of the 3 that is fine. Its just something i want some clarification on.

Also CT doesnt recommend box squats ever but for some reasons box squats seem to work best for me in both terms of gains as well as avoiding aggravation of my knee injury. Would using box squats and deadlifts work or should i just drop max training weight and hope full squats or fronts dont bother it to much?

Keep it as one of the 3 upper body. I’d recommend the OHP, as it’s kept my shoulders much happier than alot of various benching.

Staying with box squats with deads will put much less work for quads. If front squats don’t work, maybe split squats with a short step? Hack squats? Trapbar deads?

AHH makes sense… It was just one of those weird things i thought of and couldnt find clarification in any of the spills or articles. Thanks man!! but The thing is part of my knee problem stems from a mismatch of quad and hammie strength becuase the first couple years i lifted i neglected deads and hamstrings in general while just hammering my quads with leg presss, quarter squats, and extentions. I notice the more hamstring work i do the better my knees get so i was thinking i would just do the first cycle like said above to catch up the hammies a little more and then when school starts up i will have access to a trap bar. I may try front squats though since they dont bother it near as much as back squats. Im just worried about how that volume will effect the problem.