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Quick Healthy Meals

Ok, hello everyone I am previous T-Nation reader and I used to practically visit the forums every day from the time I was 19-21. I am now 23 and horribly out of shape…I used to way in at a stunning 190lbs around 12%bf which was a great improvemnt from my original 140lbs of skinny fat because I previously had ever hit the gym/nutrition. I feel that the reason I have slacked in not because of the physical training but rather the millions of hours of slaving over the stove preparing meals. I just got burnt out.

Today is a better day though because unlike before I am not a poor struggling college student and I can actually afford supplements and meals. I think the main difference between my goals then…and my goals now…is that before I wanted gains (whether tat be stregth/weight gains/or weight losses), but now I am more health constious. I used to just eat anything and everything just to reach my goals, stuff as saturated fats, trans, nasty sugars when I could have eat more complex carbs. So I guess here is my question.

Now that I can actually afford nutritional supplements and any food I desire I was wondering if any body is aware of a place where I can buy prepared meals that are health such as foods that contain broccoli, whole grain rice, chicken, ect. Price is not really an object so if guys are aware of any such places please let me know lol. I plan on eating 6 meals a day consisting of 3 meals containing Biotest products and the other 3 consisting of real foods. I am looking for basically the easiest way to prepare meals. I enjoy working and I really feel that what burnt me out before was the time cooking meals took away from my real life. Thank You. I will be excited to hear some responses.



Just out of curiosity, why don’t you want to cook your own meals? I think you are really going to have a hard time finding prepared meals that are anything better than crap. I’m guessing you’ll find one of two things:

  1. Low fat meals that are loaded with carbs.

  2. Low carb meals loaded with soy protein and trans fats.

Not to mention, they will probably taste like crap. It’s part of the lifestyle dude, preparing meals ahead of time is just what you got to do.

Nothing worth having is quick or easy. I don’t think there is such a thing as quick healthy meals.

[quote]JVall wrote:
Nothing worth having is quick or easy. I don’t think there is such a thing as quick healthy meals.[/quote]

Sure there is Go to fridge grab pre cooked meat, grab frozen veggies, put in ziplock leave. there you go. It is just that when in a hurry you are not going to have a gourmet meal. Dosnt mean you cant heat healthy

Grow! Bars the new ones are really friggin good.

Granted you can’t live off them, they are pretty damned easy to make at meal/snack time (open wrapper, wolf it down).