Quick Grip Questions

Hi All. I will soon embark on a WS4SB routine and will be using grip strength exercises (which I have not used until now, so it is definitely time to add them!)

I just wanted to check exactly how to do the following:

-pinch grip
-thick bar holds
-wrist curls

I know they are not too complicated but there are a few things I don’t get:

-for all the exercises should the arms be at your side (ie. bottom of shrug position), in front of you, or bent (ie. halfway point of a curl)

  • if bent, should the palms face up (supporting DD/DB) or down (holding BB/DB from above)

-for wrist curls, should they be done with arms bent or straight, and how should the palms be facing up or down (working either upper or lower forearms respectively)


You can do them like any other exercises. You can very them from the side to the front supinated/ pronated. You can do high pulls or just dead lift style. Mix it up.


Thanks for the info. I guess my primary question was: how would grip strength straining (WSB style) differ from “forearm building”? Is it the fact that it is static holds for time as opposed to a movement for reps?

The WS4SB grip training is just used as an example. I usually do static holds with my elbows straight, but sometimes I like to do the thick bar holds with my elbows bent, that really hits the forearms. I think you should mix wrist extension (pronated wrist curls), wrist flexion (supinated wrist curls) and static holds for best results.