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Quick Gains = Chance of Injury?


I'm a freshman in college, playing on a D1 athletic team. Since I've started the strength and conditioning program, I've gained about 15-20 pounds, almost all of which is LBM. I went from about 175lbs 6%BF (Skinny mofo, I know) to 192lbs 9% bf. I did this over the course of 5 months.

I had one of our coaches tell me that I should try and keep my weight around where it is now, because gaining too much weight too quickly can lead to an increased chance of injury.

Is there any merit to this statement? I stretch 3x a day in order to ward off any injuries that might occur. Obviously I don't want to get hurt, but I've never felt better on the diamond than I do now, and I can only imagine what I'll feel like when I get to 200-210.


I'm not a professional, but can go from what I read from doctors on the subject.

Anyway, it's my understanding that your muscles can grow at faster rates (especially when using steroids or GH or anything like that) than your tendons. If your muscles grow faster than your tendons are able to properly support them and grow, then yes you can definitely jack yourself up.

Normally this isn't a problem if you're natural as your body should keep up with itself. I say keep packing down the calories and go for it.




Haha gotta watch out for those.

As far as gaining weight too quickly, I think if you exercise, eat right, and stretch you'll be fine. I can imagine he'd suggest that because some might get too large to perform with the same athleticism they could at a lighter weight. Since baseball is a big time skill game, he probably wants you to keep nimble/athletic/skilled.

So the short answer: No worries. You'll be fine. Keep at it bro and good luck.


If its a contact sport or one that requires alot of fast changes of direction yes. More stress on your knees, ankles and muscles.

But I wouldnt worry.

EDIT: Im just talking out of my ass, but it does make sence to me...


i have a simalar issue, i gained about 40lbs on my bench and an equal ratio in gains full body in about 2-3months, then my wrists started to really hurt me. went to the doctor and he said my muscles were growing to fast for my joints or some crap like that. been wearing wrist supports on chest, tricep and shoulder days since then ( 2 yrs ago). if i try and work w/o them the pain comes back in a matter of 2 training days. so i think there is a diff problem...


id have to agree. but also true reguardless of muscle gains.


It is true that your muscles can grow much faster than your tendons.

Usually that is only a problem for steroid users.

If you, f.E do a heavy biceps curl and simply let the weight drop, i.e. use poor technique, that might rip off your bizep because your muscles can lift it, but your tendons cannot stop that weight when it comes down too fast.

The solution is of course to develop and maintain a proper lifting technique and maybe stay away from the advanced "cheating" techniques you are not ready for anyway.


Small wrists or weak grip?


yes, the problem is that your wrists haven't had to adapt to the stress of the weight since you've been using wrist wraps the whole time. You'll have to work without them occasionally for the wrists to develop the tendon strength to support the weights you're using. The body never develops strength where it doesn't need to. Just taper off use and the pain will eventually go away.


I think alot of it has to do with your training method. As far as injury prevention goes, I believe the best measure is high intensity training. Strengthen the tendons relative to gaining size and you will be fine. So if your putting on alot of size, you need to be getting uber strong. Theres also alot of momentum growing behind the idea of dynamic warm ups over stretching to do a far better job in the realm of injury prevention.


I believe you previously said you played baseball so I'm going off that assumption. No I don't think your gains in lean body mass while staying active with practices and such will pose any threat to you realistically. Had you done this in the off season and not been doing any conditioning or drills and then tried to go back full blast come first day of practice that's a different story.


Yes it can increase the chances of injury, but it can also increase your performance.

He may have also said that because he thought you used steriods or something.