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Quick Form Check - I'm Not Ttying to Low-bar the SS Bar, am I?

Hi. If you don’t mind, can you please take a quick look and make sure I am not trying to low-bar the SS bar (e.g., bending over too much rather than being more vertical)?

In my quest to feel my quads, unfortunately, even after a “3” session of 5-3-1, and then following up with BBB, I still don’t really feel my quads. :frowning:



Looks okay to me.

Maybe ur unique leverages are such that you’ll find it hard to load up your quads. Maybe tempo max depth pause squats with weightlifting/heeled shoes?

If you lean over too much with a SSB you will fall forward.

It’s impossible to extend your knees without using your quads. Quads supposedly have a lot of slow twitch muscle fibres, which may explain why they don’t get as sore as other muscles.

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