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quick ? for WATERBURY

chad-just finished my 8 weeks of 100 reps, and this week i started training my calves 3 times a week (up from 2). (a simple yes/no will do), do i continue the 100 reps while training them 3 times a week or not? thx. PS: “the best of chris farley SNL” is the funniest video i have ever seen!!!

You are the man when you said that all you needed was a yes/no answer! I wish there were more people like you! All kidding aside, most questions require much more than a simple yes/no, but not in your case. Yes, train them every day you don’t perform high intensity work. In your case, 3 high intensity sessions with 4-100 rep days each week. Let me know how it works for you. Thanks!

well, if you want my results from the 8 weeks, here they are: 5 sessions of 20 rep barefoot standing calf raises (on basement stairs because no, i dont live in a van down by the river!) on the 5 days i did not train calves. for 8 weeks i had no soreness in my calves, no matter how hard we trained them. (lots of giant-drop sets, heavy sets, all sorts of fun stuff.) i have very bowed legs, and genetically small calves to begin with, and it has been very hard for me to get them to grow. in the past 8 weeks, they have taken more shape, size, get pumped easier and stay pumped longer. feel free to quote me as a reference to help promote yourself/this workout because it does wonders. i will update in 3 weeks when i have finished this lifting cycle, because i will have hit my calves 12 times (rather than 8) to show the results. thanks chad. (quoting the “Chris Farley Show”…“remember that time you told us to do 100 reps? yeah that was awesome”)

hey i figure you get enough “should i…why?” questions, i might as well ask a question easy to answer!! (ps: if you couldnt tell, im a huge farley fan, which is why i loved the atomic dog this week)

Thanks JC. Keep in touch with the results.