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Quick Fix Possible?

okay, ill start with a bit of background. im coming off a pretty major knee surgury so due to long term inactivity i dont look like i use to. i cant run or jog so dont use that as an answer.(i can do upper body excercises though) i want to lower my bodyfat percentage by as much as i can by friday(5-6) days from now, or at least look leaner (more specifically in my abdominal region)… any ideas or tips? it can start from right now or just random tricks and tips for friday night. and please no answers i really dont want to hear(be confident with how you are or you should of started earlier… i know all that already)

thanks to whoever answers

Oooh, got a hot date for Friday?

I don’t know if diet is an answer that you really don’t want to hear, but it’s what you’re gonna get.

And magazines like Oxygen and Women’s Health tell you what clothes to buy that makes you look 10 pounds thinner… instantly!
Although no pics or stats, you can’t go wrong with dark boot cut jeans.


Get a flux capacitor and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity.

Buy a nice corset. The ones wit the lacey frills are quite attractive


actually diet is what im looking for… along with anything else that might help

enzyte + jelquing and eat a few celery heads the night before

you’re welcome

[quote]NLS wrote:
actually diet is what im looking for… along with anything else that might help[/quote]

A diet that will cause noticeable changes in 5 days?


I don’t really advice quick fixes. Especially on dieting. But wearing dark colored clothes could help.

Being fit needs constant work. You need to work on it and keep working in it. Take it one step, one day at a time.

Shredded in 6 days

Only advice it can really offer you though is how to water cycle so you at least get rid of some excess bloating. Of course I didn’t see this thread until today so yeah you only got 2 days left.