Quick First Cycle for Size & Strength

What are thoughts on a quick blast & recover cycle?

I want to blast npp, mast prop, low dose test prop & maybe low doses oral winny for the last 3-4 weeks?

Is this for a show? You won’t gain any muscle to speak of, you’ll just get some cosmetic effects that will disappear a couple weeks after discontinuing.

Are you on TRT? Your post is worded kinda funky

Like before a beach vacation? Go for it. Just for shits and giggles? I wouldn’t

for what purpose is this?

I’m natural but wants to run a quick cycle for strength gains & size. 6’0”” 194lbs in the morning. 275 front squat I can bench 225 for several reps. 435lb deadlift and back squat 315lb for reps

I do mainly strength rep ranges

So you want - test/mast/npp for a first cycle?

I don’t understand this. You say you do mainly strength rep ranges but then say that you can bench 225 for several reps. Can you quantify this? To me that sounds like 10+reps at 225, which would not be strength rep ranges. Same thing with your squat and deadlift reps.

At 6’ 194 lbs I think you’d be much better off in the short term to find a structured strength building plan over blasting gear. You should be able to add a bit more strength than that at that weight and those numbers natty.

That’s a lot of gear for a guy that has never run gear before

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Just because I do strength training what says I’m not aloud to do reps? Lol I usually stick around 3-5 rep range. Anyhow it’s not my first cycle I took one years ago and was looking to take another one with short esters of deca, test & mast

You’re missing my point. You want to build strength but you don’t seemed to be focused on strength if you cannot tell me what your 1RM (or even a 2 or 3RM) is for each of these lifts. You seem to be confused on what you want, how to achieve it, or both. I know this because this is exactly how I was for the better part of about 15 years and it will get you no where, fast. I am trying to spare you the fallacies of my mistakes.

Also, based on the title of your thread, it appears this is in fact your first ever cycle, since it is titled, “Quick First Cycle…”.

Deca is not a short ester (fast acting). If you want a short ester of nandrolone, you want Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP), not Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca). The half-life of NPP is 2-3 days and the half-life of Deca is 6-12 days, so let’s call it 9. Deca takes a long time to build up in your system and takes a long time to leave your system.

I think you need to do more research before jumping on something as toxic as nandrolone.

Would it be better to do bodybuilding style of training on this type of cycle?

Your cycle should not dictate your training, your goals should do that. Your goals should dictate your training, diet, recovery and (at the bottom of the list of priorities) gear usage.