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Quick Fiber Question:


When figuring calories out if you're at say, 2500 calories, but 40g of your carbs that day came from fiber, then 160 of those calories will not be available for your body to use, and will simply pass through your system, yes?


Basically yes...but I just count it anyway, fuck it.


If I start discounting fiber cals from my calculation..next thing you know I'll be counting protein as 3.2kcal instead of 4..due to TEF.


lol yeah, I mean I'm still counting them, just trying to figure something out.


Do not count fiber as calories or carbs.

There is a common mis-conception that fiber is "carbs that cannot be digested." This is incorrect; eating something that can't be digested - say, a matchbox car - is painful and maybe damaging.

Fiber is digested, but cannot be ABSORBED across the intestinal lining. Fiber does not increase insulin (in fact blunts insulin effect of absorbable carbs), and is not available as calories.

[On a related note, there is an amount of each nutrient that is optimal; less is "deficiency", more is "toxicity". For fiber, for most people, that amount is about 15 g per day. Conventional wisdom says a lot more, conventional wisdom is wrong. The other things you need for pooping are: water, walking, magnesium, digestive enzymes, probiotics. More fiber is not always better.]


probiotics > fiber

(not an either/or type of thing, granted)


Shelby doesn't count fiber as carbs or calories just something to consider.


What's a quick fiber ?