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Quick Fat Loss Question


I follow a low-carb diet w/ a moderate deficit and a cheat day on saturdays. I found my recent results to be stagnating and my weight hasn't gone down. From this weekly cheat meal I feel as if I'm negating all my hard work from earlier in the week, but I have read that those meals help with things like leptin and other hormones. This isn't my first time in a cutting phase as I have previously shedded 10% bf.

Before, however, I only had one cheat meal per 12 days as opposed to a "cheat day" in the week. Should I just return to the latter program and include only 1 cheat meal per 12 days, or continue for another 2 weeks w/ 1 cheat day per week and see what happens? (I am now starting my third week into my recent cut phase with this new approach)

Training wise: I kick my ass in the gym everytime I go.


what fat % are you?

you should always leave yourself somewhere to go. i.e. always have a slightly more challenging workout planned for these plateaus, or as you said, get a little less cheating in.

the nature of your training is also important.
depending on your total BF% the 1st 10% can be lost with a general workout. doing nothing but moderate cardio can achieve this. but at a certain stage you have to up the game and get more directed to continue burning body fat.

are you doing body weight and full body exercises? complexes? HIIT training?

also from the way it sounds....you lost water weight in your 1st 2 weeks, and the 1st few weeks on one of these programmes is always a quick loss of weight and fat. now the 'stagnation' you are experiencing is probably your body recompositioning less obviously, maybe putting some water weight back on, and settling into a much slower body fat burn, in which case you should perhaps up your focus and intensity whilst allowing your general plan to continue for a couple more weeks.