Quick Fat Loss Help

Its been about 6 months since I lost 50 pounds. I have been adding cals every other week. I am up about 18-20 pounds.

Even thou I have been following Berardi’s Precision Nutrition I still gained some fat back.

My orginal plan was to get back up to 180 pounds and no more than 15% body fat. I am 15-16 % now at 145 pounds.
I would love to get down to 12%.

Should I try CW’s 10/10 again? Had some issues with it the first time and stoped half way throgh. Or should I just lower cals/carbs and add more HIIT/Complexes for 4-5 weeks?

i may be able to help…i will PM.

OK got the answears on John Berardi’s website.

As soon as I think I actually learned somehting I learn that it was wrong.

I was taking in way too much fruit. So I replaced it will veggies.

I am going to check stats in 2-3 weeks. If I look any leaner than I will continune what I am doing. If there is no change I will cut for a month or so, or do CW’s 10/10.

what info did you read from Berardi

I was taking in too much fruit. It was suggest that I add more vegatables.

If there is any notociable diffrence in 4-5 weeks than I will continue what I am durrently doing. If I still have these “love handles” than I will cut a bit of fat beofre continuing bulking.

5’6 145 and you’re looking to cut weight?

did you get my PM?

Just clean up your damn diet and focus on consuming your carbs around your workouts and in the morning. You could try out the t-dawg 2.0 diet which basically follows that protocol. It sounds like you need to build some more muscle tissue and focus on cosuming “clean” calories. I would’nt be too concerned at “cutting” at that weight.

Here is a link to the T-Dawg 2 Diet: