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Quick Endurance Improvement?



any one can provide me some method that can make me improve my endurance quickly? right now i get out of breath very easily....



Your going to have to be a bit more specific buddy.

Any particular goals or activities that you require this "instant" endurance for?



Define quickly....


Endurance and quick don't mix.


running, biking, hiking with weight, skipping rope, jogging or running with a weighted vest, sledge hammer or maul work with a weighted vest. Any kind of resistance training or conditioning work that includes a heavy cardio/anaerobic mixture.

a lot of general physical preparedness type exercises. endurance will slowly but surely improve, some months you will see unexpected leaps depending on how you mix your workouts.

picking a loop to bike and when you get to rough spots putting the bike on your back and running, see how many times you can do a loop in an hour or two. Always try and improve the time/how many loops you can complete. I've seen good leaps in endurance while doing this, esp with a weighted vest.

20-30 rep squats at a weight you might only regularly do 10reps with. Try that out with proper safety precautions.


I guess one way is to eat a lot of spaghetti today if that thing you're thinking about is in 2 days.


get leaner

(prob not a quick-fix, but carrying around less bodyfat makes a very noticeable difference re: getting winded)


Also try to cut your endurance exercise into smaller segments.

For example: Don't do 30 minutes of jogging, do 3 minutes, walk a minute and do that 10 times. Or 2 minutes walk 1 minute etc.

Work up to 5 of jogging, 1 minute of walking.

Hell, it's even a good idea on things like marathons they say...do 30 minutes, walk a minute...it's also easier to guzzle a bottle of water in that minute than to try and drink and run at the same time.


worked for me.


2 words: jump rope

work up to a set of 1500 and your good to go. I throw that in at the end of my workouts as a finisher...once you get good its not as hard to hit that many reps. You can do sets of 300 too...or if your feeling spunky you can just go for time, say 3:00. I've done 10 minutes straight and its straight up exhausting.


x2. Plus sprints and plyo work.

Go to a park and set up a jump rope roughly 50 yards from a table/bench.

Jump for a minute (with intensity, don't pussy foot), sprint to the bench jump on and off it 10 times, full squat depth, walk back to the jump rope and repeat, building to 30 minutes.

If you have a wild hair and flexibility in your lifting routine, find a spot you can mix in dips and chins and work up to 45 minutes.


I want to get jacked quickly is there a pill for that or something?


Take one blue M&M.

Just take it after doing 95lb front squats for 10 sets of 10 followed by 300 burpees and 6 400m repeats. Also do that 3 times week for 3 months.


another out of shape guy wanting the famous shortcut to get fit...


What he fails to realise is that with the amount of time it would take to get fit with all of the "shortcuts", he could progress to the point of being competition ready with a simple lift and run strategy.


People are touchy these days. Maybe should try in Beginners as well. Not sure if you are looking to improve endurance in terms of running 5 miles or if lifting a box up the stairs is what is wiping you out. Suggest google "couch potato to 5k" and find coolrunning or something similar. It suggests an incremental interval running routine that is pretty effective if you have a low base level of conditioning. Good luck.