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Quick ECA?


I've taken the EC (no A) stack many times before with great success yet I've noticed it can have some severe effects on my mood. Most noticeabley, it makes me very irritable and can also make me VERY angry at the dumbest situations. I've made the mistake of taking it before I went out to the bar one night, well let's just say it made me not like alot of people.

I've been looking into stacking it with L-Tyrosine and L-Tryptophan and Vitamin B6(to help the metabolism of the Tyrosine). I've read that the Tyrosine can help immensely with the mood swings ECA can cause, and I've also read that tryptophan at low doses can help as well when stacked with the tyrosine.

Just looking for any first hand experiences with the above from my fellow T-Nationers.


Ive been taking the EC for about 2 weeks now and loving it.

Within 1-2 Hrs of taking a dose I feel great and very focused. Towards 4-5 Hrs when its wearing off, I feel jittery and somewhat irritable/tired.

The biggest thing I hate about it is I sweat like a fucking pig, especially when going out at night.


Yeah, while it's peaking you feel great, lots of energy, euphoric even. Like they say it's the poor man's ectasy.

This is definitely not my first run though so I'm trying to find ways to help ease the side effects that bother me the most which is the extreme irratability.


What dose are you running the EC at, and how many times per day?


I know this wasnt directed at me, but just to chime in I run 24mg E, 200mg C 2-3x per day...I've been crazy before though and ran like 40mg E 400mg C 3x per day...never do that ever again


Im taking the same amount. Using Bronkaid.


Ohhh that shit is terrible...check your PM's in about 5 mins